Elasticsearch consulting services

Client testimonials

As the founder, CEO, solo developer, and chief bottle washer at LicketyTrip, I knew that the site desperately needed a spiffier search experience, but I could never find the time to learn Elasticsearch and do it myself. Enter Kelvin, who took my spec, ran with it, and turned around just what I was looking for in a matter of days. Kelvin asked great questions, made helpful suggestions, and produced a much better end result than I could have done myself in a fraction of the time. LicketyTrip now indexes over 100k last minute vacation rentals a day, and my users and I couldn't be happier. Thanks, Kelvin!
Jamie Gaines, Founder & CEO

How I can help

My involvement with clients as a Elasticsearch consultant generally revolves around:

  • Translating business requirements into a Elasticsearch implementation
  • Providing advice regarding analyzers, tokenizers and Elasticsearch mappings
  • Determining what Elasticsearch queries produce the best search experience
  • Improving performance and scalability of an existing Elasticsearch app
  • Tuning relevance ranking
  • Other custom Elasticsearch components

I can either work on an hourly basis, or fixed-price/scope. I usually start with a fixed-price bid to build trust, then move on to an hourly basis from there.

Think we might be able to work together?

If you have a project which could use some help, drop me a line at or find out more about my Elasticsearch consulting services.